Our mission is to use our expertise in parking and coordination consultation to provide peer reviews, second opinions, and alternative design solutions that create value, reduce cost and increase your profits.

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Our team of top tier consultants bring a focused, value-based approach to architecture, design and development. Our managing partners and network of architects, engineers and consultants have several decades of experience.

We are professionals who are comfortable working behind the scenes respectfully and confidentially. We have an excellent reputation among the most recognized names in development and it continues to grow as we serve our clients.

For the past 16 years, we've added value and saved our clients an immeasurable amount of time and money with consistently positive result

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For the past 16 years we have successfully helped our clients achieve the following results:

  • Additional parking stalls without increasing the size of the structure

  • Reducing the structure on the lowest level, while maintaining the parking count

  • Increasing the saleable or leasable area (bicycle, storage areas, etc.)

  • Optimizing the traffic flow and avoiding dead ends

  • Reduce construction costs and avoid costly change orders.



We offer three reviews throughout the entire development process that are designed to create value, reduce cost and increase your profit. We offer performance based contracts to ensure our clients only pay for the value they receive. Of course we offer lump sum based contracts as well if desired. Our expertise is your success.



Want to have the optimal parking layout prior to submitting to authorities?

Parking is our specialty. Our team will conduct a parking analysis and provide a preliminary parking design that gives you the optimized parking layout that will ensure that your project is off to the right start.


Taking the time to evaluate the parking lot with a value based perspective early means fewer revisions later, saving time and money.

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Want to confirm that your current design is fully maximized?

Our team will conduct an efficiency review of the underground parking plans, common spaces and unit layouts.


Our team will provide alternative design solutions that achieve the following results:

  • Additional parking stalls

  • Reduced structure 

  • Increased saleable or leasable area

  • Optimized traffic flow

  • Alternative unit layouts

Our review hopes to increase the overall efficiency of the projects.

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Want to reduce costly change orders and avoid project delays?

Our team will conduct a coordination review of the entire drawing package prior to tender (95% completion of construction documents). 

Our team will submit a coordination report that will outline errors, omissions and typical coordination issues that occur in the project and provide considerations or recommendations on possible solutions to address the concerns.

Our reviews hopes to reduce costly change orders and avoid project delays prior to the start of construction.

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The value-based approach is designed to keep your project moving forward as we provide our expertise. We offer a review of your current drawings to discover any potential efficiency increases or cost savings. Based on the review we will provide a proposal. The decision is yours.

We offer a no risk preliminary review of the current design of the project to determine the potential for efficiency 

We require the following drawings in order to complete the preliminary review:

  • Parking Plans

  • Ground Floor Plan

  • Sections

Our team will prepare a proposal for your review that outlines the scope of work, potential outcomes, timeline and a fee proposal.

We perform our work based on performance or lump-sum contract which is determined by the client after review of the proposal.

Our team will require the AutoCAD (.dwg) drawings for the project and receive all clarifications from the client prior to commencing our work.

All parking studies and alternative design solutions will be completed by meeting the local codes, regulations and bylaws.

Upon completion of our work, which is typically between 2-4 weeks, we will present the alternative drawings and compare them to the original design to easily identify proposed changed that result in efficiency increase.

For coordination reviews we will submit the coordination report to the client and the design team in electronic format.

After presentation, our team offers ongoing support to the client to assure our services are a value-add for the client.



Principal Architect:

Dieter Greiner, (604) 926-6601 or

Managing Director:

Stefan Greiner, (604) 926-6601 or


+1 (604) 926-6601


Plan X is a specialized architectural consulting firm based out of West Vancouver, British Columbia. 

We focus on helping our clients maximize the efficiency of their designs by providing alternative design solutions and recommendations that add value or save cost.

Our services are on performance or lump-sum based that assure our clients only pay for the value or savings achieved. Typically, our fees are less than 10% of the value or savings.

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